Saturday, October 2, 2010

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 days

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 days:
Graphics: 4/5
Gameplay: 4.5/5
Storyline: 5/5
Multiplayer: 3/5
Overall: 17.5/20

What can i say, this was an amazing game as the other Kingdom Hearts games are in the series. I was verry exited when i heard that square enix was creating a kingdom hearts game for the DS, as kingdom hearts is one of my favorite game series i expected alot of this game and square enix did not disappoint. From the farmiliarity of the locations and enemies in the game to the cinematic i was completely enthralled thought the game and only found myself bored with some of the more tedious actions such as finding and collecting all the badges to unlock multiplayer content. overall though this has to be one of my favorite DS games.

I was pleasantly surprised when i heard they were sticking to the same 3d platform as most of the games and even more surprised when i actually started playing, the graphics are great, well as great as your going to get on a DS, but the locations and characters are well done in a way that i found myself forgetting that i was playing on a DS.Obviously the limited screen size and physical size of the game itself doesn't make it as great as any of the ps2 games but for what it is its fantastic. The locations, especially twilight town and wonderland, really are almost perfect replicas from the previous games, the character models limited as they are are also very good, again for a DS game. Really the only thing i could even have a little complaints about are the abilities, if you are immersed into the game like i was for most of the time you don't really recognize anything wrong but one you start to pay attention the game makes it very apparent that the abilities such as fire are 2d circles moving in a 3d space, i honestly wouldnt have expected anything more but after playing for a while it becomes very obvious like a splinter in your mind, overall the graphics are well done. Not to mention the kinematics that were excellent except for the face that they seemed to have a bit of trouble sizing down the clips for the small screen size

Not much to say here same style as all the other games, none of the controls are particularly difficult to grasp and the game mechanics are pretty well done. i have yet to get stuck or find a single glitch in the entire game and for the limited amount of things you can do in the game this game finds a way to keep gameplay interesting throughout. You would think that with the amount of missions there are in the game it would get repetitive and tedious but it surprisingly doesn't, all the quests have just a bit added to them each time enough to keep you interested and make it feel like a game rather than a job. The game was long enough to keep me busy for a good while and i always wanted to keep playing to see what happened next in the storyline...on to that

If youve played any of the Kingdom Hearts games before and after this then you know how well this sticks to the entire story that made Kingdom Hearts what it is. As it does fill a big gap between the first and second games the more you play it the more things from all the games start to make sense especially with character like Riku and Namine everything seems to click into place nicely, the game does have its own plot regarding the "evil" Organization XII that first appeared in the second game.
You start to realize the motives of Organization XII more but never feel really part of them even though you work for them, its more of a "me/us vs them) and it generally feels like a relationship an employee would have with an annoying boss or supervisor. the plot of this game itself, disregarding all previous knowledge from any of the other games, is still quite good by my standards at least, maybe I'm just a sucker for these types of story's but throughout the game I always kept wanting to see what happened next. The storyline does start out verry slow and continues to progress slow until around the end of the game, but it kept me interested.

This was one of the least favorite parts of this game fore me, i spend a load of time playing the single player mode to get everything i possibly could for the multiplayer and this game doesn't make it very hard. In both types of gameplay there are certain things you can do to unlock special items and gear. I didn't play much of the multiplayer but i can tell you it is exactly like the single player mode except with more people, you get your friends together and go and complete missions which is actually pretty fun. Problem is that when u start getting 3 to 4 people playing at once the game does get a little laggy nothing to major but it definitely takes away from the experience. Just don't invite that one friend who has rage fits and likes to blame everything on lag, that could end badly. Kingdom Hearts is generally a 1 player game so im not going to complain too much about it see for yourself if you like.

Overall good game, decent graphics for the DS, gameplay was fun and time consuming, and the story was everything you would expect from a Kingdom hearts game, however multiplayer could be better.

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  1. thanks! might buy it for my brothers bithday or something

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  5. ...the thing that amazes me is, you really get all that on a DS? Your review made me want to replay the PS2 ones. Enjoyed reading this.

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